I was wrongfully accused two (2) different times of committing crimes. Mr. Brewer represented me in both cases. One case, he conducted a jury trial on my behalf and I was found “not guilty.” The second case, Mr. Brewer was prepared to conduct another trial however, the case was dismissed by the prosecution prior to going to trial. I would refer people to Mr. Brewer if they want aggressive representation and someone who will fight for them.

I hired Mr. Brewer to represent me in a drunk driving case. Mr. Brewer, after reviewing the facts, argued that the police had improperly stopped my vehicle. The drunk driving charges were dismissed. Mr. Brewer was successful in representing me and keeping the drunk driving offense off my record.

I made a mistake when I was younger and for years had a felony on my record. This felony prevented me from pursing my career goals of being in the health care industry. Mr. Brewer assisted me in having these charges removed from my record. I am now very close to achieving my career goals. Thank you Mr. Brewer.

I was wrongfully sued by a mortgage company who obtained a judgment against me even though I had been making my payments. I retained Dennis Brewer to represent me to have this matter resolved. Dennis was able to have the judgment that should have not been entered against me dismissed and had forced the other side to actually pay the actual costs involved in defending the action.

I was sued in a civil lawsuit and was facing the potential for a foreclosure on my home due to liens that had been improperly placed on my property. Mr. Brewer took this matter to trial and was able to get the liens removed from my property and was 100% successful in defending me in this action and getting the other sides claims dismissed.

I wish I would have retained Dennis Brewer from the onset of the divorce action that I was involved in. Despite the attempts by my ex-wife to prevent me from having joint custody, Mr. Brewer was successful in me being awarded joint custody and my daughter is with me more then 50% of the time.

We retained Dennis to defend our daughter in an OWI case. He and his team saw that the fact presented a very unusual defense. They thoroughly researched it, aggressively pursued it, and prepared my daughter and the case down to every last detail. Dennis’ demeanor, despite his razor sharp skills, is very respectful, likable and engaging. It only took the jury 30 minutes of deliberation to come back with a verdict in my daughter’s favor. I hope we never need him again, but I would not hesitate to call upon him again and highly recommend him. Further, he and his team made every effort to keep our costs down.