Neal and his team are the only reason I had the courage to fight false allegations during my divorce. He was steps ahead of my ex wife’s attorney and the results speak for them self. He would not let me give up on fighting for equal time with my kids and represented me with tenacity and drive. If you are faced with anything that’s needs an attorney I would highly recommend this firm…

Best in Livingston county

I was given Mr. Nielsen’s name form a friend of mine that had just recently used him in a divorce. I set up an appointment with him and was very satisfied with the outcome of our first appointment. I knew after that appointment that Mr. Nielsen and his office would be the very best for my situation. This was my second divorce. My first one was a very simple, cordial separation that I didn’t really even need to hire representation for. This one was the total opposite that I needed someone that was going to get me the results I had to have. My situation maybe different from many divorces in that I HAD to make sure that I had custody of my children for their well being and my wife was going to fight the other way so that she didn’t have to pay any support of any kind. It was not about the money for me but just the safety of my children. Going through the case Mr. Nielsen and his office was very good at keeping me informed of what the next step was and what to expect next. The more organized you are the easier your case will be. Make sure you have facts and not just hearsay. As the case went on I still remember having conversations with him about why can’t we do this or why can’t we do that and I was so confused on how the legal system doesn’t just see through the wrong and do the right. He would reel me back in and explain why we had to do things a certain way and it was the right way at the end of my trial. As my case came close to an end I recall him telling me that we needed to meet Saturday and Sunday to go over docs that I had given him and so that he could answer any questions that I may have. I don’t know many attorney’s but I really never thought they would clear their weekend just to make sure that everything I may have a question on was answered. Not only was he there on Sunday but also some of his office was working. I was very happy to see that this wasn’t just another divorce for them and that they made me feel like my family needs in this case were as important to them as it was to me. At the end of the trial which was an emotional rollercoaster for me Mr. Nielsen and his office’s hard work got me what I had to have with my family. Then instead of having a celebration Neal took me into a room in the court house and sat with me to discuss my “after life” as he called it. We sat down for about and hour and he discussed what I needed to do going forward with my life and my children. He gave me a lot of advise on what to do to insure that my children would have a happy life. He didn’t do this as my attorney but instead did this a friend speaking to a friend. I would recommend Mr. Neal Nielsen and his office to everyone that asks me who to hire. I am very thankful that I was referred to his office. I cannot say enough good things about him and his office. Thank you for helping me in a time of need I deeply appreciate everything that Neal and his office did for me.