As a municipal employee, I was charged with serious felony criminal charges for which I retained Mr. Nielsen to assist me. After a number of court hearings, the charges were dropped and dismissed. I am most thankful for Mr. Nielsen’s competent attorney representation.

I was referred to Mr. Nielsen after my first lawyer messed up my divorce case. Mr. Nielsen tried my case, withstanding the attacks of three other lawyers from a silk stocking firm. He was successful in every regard and even had the court approve on my behalf the removal of my child from the State of Michigan. I would refer Mr. Nielsen to anyone undergoing distress and complications in their divorce case.

I had retained Mr. Nielsen to assist me in a divorce case involving abuse and custody of myself while with an infant baby. My husband and his lawyer attempted to terrorize me, however, Mr. Nielsen acted as a shield , tried my case before the judge, brought my case to closure in a quick and speedy time and I was authorized to remove my child from the State to take up a new beginning elsewhere. Thank you for all your hard work.

Neal Nielsen has been representing Oceola Township for more then twenty years, and during that time he has guided, counseled, and engaged in planning concepts with our municipality to make it one of the finest places to live in the State of Michigan. His planning, foresight and guidance has been very instrumental in making our community a better place to live.

In various times in my life, I went afoul of the law. I engaged in inappropriate actions and conduct for which I was prosecuted. I hired Neal D. Nielsen to assist me. He quickly and expeditiously addressed my matters, brought them to closure, and I was able to continue in the community with my job and stay with my family. The results that I saw that Mr. Nielsen produced were ones that I have not seen taken place by any other lawyer.

My wife and I were referred to Neal Nielsen to assist us in resolving a business transaction gone bad. Mr. Nielsen guided us throughout our difficulties, represented us in the litigation and administrative processes, and was successful in restoring our property to us and correcting oversights that were made in prior years due to other legal counsel. We give our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Nielsen for his help and services.

Neal is a lawyer’s/lawyer. He has represented a number of attorneys, some in high profile matters. As a former chief judge of the 53rd District Court and practicing attorney, I refer cases to Neal for his legal abilities and services.

When our township was in need of a competent advocate to handle a number of issues, problems and litigations which concerned our township, we tried the assistance of Neal D. Nielsen. Mr. Nielsen assisted in resolving many of the problems that we were encumbered with, he represented the township in litigation with competency and combatted the aggressive litigation tactics of at least five attorneys at a time on a given case and has been successful in protecting the township, its economics, and its citizens.

As a member of the Tyron Township Board, I have had the pleasure to work with Neal Nielsen as the attorney for the township. Mr. Nielsen is prepared, articulate, well informed, and has aided the township in its litigations involving various issues. His foresight in forecasting was right on, and his economic costs to the township was substantially less than what prevailing law firms were charging. We have found that Mr. Nielsen is an asset to the legal community and to the development and protection of our local community.

I was involved in a criminal action in which I retained Mr. Nielsen to assist me. I was wrongfully charged with a drunken driving offense, which Mr. Nielsen took to trial and had the case thrown out. Very few lawyers are willing to try cases, but Mr. Nielsen’s forte is litigation. If it was not for his knowledge of the law, I would have been convicted. Thank you, Mr. Nielsen

Neal Nielsen is an attorney who works magic. I retained him to assist in some criminal matters. The charges were dropped and I am most fortunate.

We have retained Neal on three separate occasions involving different matters over the last 5 years. Each time, he immediately grasped the issues, outlined his approach and strategy, and was uncanny regarding his prediction of the outcome. He is so well-respected that he can often achieve results with a phone call or meeting, saving expensive litigation. Note: Neal is not for the “faint of heart” and does not suffer fools. He brings his full, considerable force to everything and expects everyone around him (including clients) to do the same. I would NEVER want to be on the side opposite him.

My Wife and I were sued in the Circuit Court for various complaints. I retained Neal Nielsen to assist us and he effectively tried the case, having the case against us thrown out. We were also successful in having the Plaintiff who sued us pay our actual attorney fees and our actual court costs. As a business owner and former police officer, we have found Neal Nielsen to be a very effective litigator/attorney.

I was charged with eight felony criminal charges, which were serious matters. My case had much notoriety in the public media resulting in substantial embarrassment and anguish. I hired Neal Nielsen to assist me and he was successful in having the felony charges dismissed and forcing the return of all my personal property that was seized from me, having my criminal history expunged and he protected me from the overpowering reach of big government.

I was in the unhappy situation of facing a number of criminal charges. I retained the services of Neal Nielsen and he magically made the charges go away.